Driving the Car to School

A negotiation conversation between a teenager and his parents to allow him to drive the car to school.

Describing a Conflict

Students reflect on their perception of different images and what they see from different pictures.

The Longest Line

Students work together in order to generate the longest line they can. It’s a learning activity about cooperation.

The Exploration Crossword

A crossword is designed by two teachers, to be completed with information referring to written questions from a paper. The students are divided into groups of fours as each group includes two participants from each school. The information that the activity covers is relevant to both cultures (occasions, customs, name of school, subjects taught at each school, food, the town etc.). Concepts from PATHWAYS could be related too. When finishing successfully , four volunteers present the answers , each two students present information about the other group.

Pathways Garden

In this activity two groups of students from different schools are involved to design and implement a small garden in each school.

Tune in to Teens: A Listening Exercise

Through a listening exercise where the students switch scenarios and roles they will experiment different ways of communication both verbal and non-verbal.

Teen Troubles and Traumas: A Resolution Role-Play

Give students a few examples of situations which call for negotiation and compromise. Ask students if there can be a win-win scenario? Elicit responses. Ask students to share a situation they were in (or just in general if they’re uncomfortable sharing something personal) where they tried to negotiate a positive ending but were unable to succeed, or one in which they did succeed?

An Auction about “the woods/nature”

Students are divided into two groups or three. Each group comprises 5-15 students who receive fake money (from 5 shekels- 100). The students will hear statements about nature, woods etc… which might be true or false. The homeroom teacher will read these statements aloud, and the students must negotiate regarding the genuineness of them. Then, they will have to reach a unanimous decision whether to bid on a statement or not, hence, determine the amount of money they would bid on the "so to be true" statement. Students are not required to announce a "true" or "false" statement, but merely to bid on it. Thereafter, students pay the money they have bid, and receive a nameplate of the utterance which they are not entirely sure about its validity.  

Car Sale Gone Bad

This activity consists of dividing the students into two groups. The first group will get a role play card of the seller of the car whereas the second group will get the role play card of the buyer. These two groups have to come to an agreement about what to do with the car in question.

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