The Conflict Between Laurie and David in The Wave

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The Conflict Between Laurie and David in The Wave

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Suzanne Hillel



The students have to deepen their understanding of the issue of The Wave and Laurie’s relationship problems with David (using the thinking skill of Distinguishing Different Perspectives). Students are also presented several key Negotiation Concepts (managing triggers, difficult conversations, empathy, conveying, inquiry).


Learning Objectives

  • Students will develop negotiation concepts and skills by thinking through and role playing a conflict between Laurie and David.
  • Students will practice speaking English in a natural context


Lead-in / Preparation

  • Pathways negotiation preparation sheet
  • Post-Reading task page
  • Camera or phone for filming


Estimated Class-Time Required

90 minutes

  • 45 minutes for the introduction and preparing their negotiation (review the terms on the page together)
  • 45 minutes to create the scene, practice and film it.


Description of Activities

Students are divided in pairs. Each pair chooses a character (Laurie or David) which they will role-play. Each student prepares for himself a negotiation preparation page using the Pathways prep tool, considering what his interests, relationship with the other character are. Students are encouraged to find and get together with other students who are the same character in order to brainstorm their preparation together. Then they go back to their partners and role play the scene from the novel, deepening the interaction through negotiation and an attempt to find agreement.


Key Vocabulary

negotiation, different perspectives, interests, opinions, alternative, communication, commitments



  • I value our relationship because…
  • Let’s agree that…
  • Please share why you are feeling…?
  • If we agree… if we disagree…
  • It’s understood that we…
  • A first step might be to…



Students present their work that reflects an understanding of negotiation skills – considering interests, the importance of their relationship with others, and being curious about the interests of “the other” so they can maximize results for all parties. Those students who choose to film will film their scene, write it out or perform it in front of the class.

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