Guilty or Innocent

The pupils express their opinion by taking a standpoint for a case, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Each pupil is asked to explore his/her thoughts in front of the others. The teacher puts/throws around phrases for the pupils to use in their discussion. A role-play between two pupils while other pupils are allowed to jump in and replace one of the speakers in order to strengthen a point of view. The pupils are asked to draw together on the same sheet the vocabulary learned in a neat and decorated way.

Friendship Triangle

Janet, Mary and Adika have been best friends from an elementary school. However, recently the teens have had a lot of conflict with one another. No longer wanting to be in the middle, Janet suggested the idea to negotiate the situation with one another. Now there is a need to solve this conflict via negotiations.  

Going to the Party Conflict

In this activity the students will practice negotiation skills by carrying out role plays. The students will watch a scene of a real-life conflict between a girl and her parents. After that the teacher divides the classroom into groups of three, where two students will negotiate with each other, one will be the speaker the second will be the listener and the third student will be the observer and they will switch the roles.

The Conflict Between Laurie and David in The Wave

The students have to deepen their understanding of the issue of The Wave and Laurie’s relationship problems with David (using the thinking skill of Distinguishing Different Perspectives). Students are also presented several key negotiation concepts (managing triggers, difficult conversations, empathy, conveying, inquiry).

The Voice of the Streets

People with musical ability communicate through music. The text titled “The voice of the streets “is about rap music. The students will be able to discuss rap music and express their opinion. This is a lead in activity.  This activity will encourage social interaction and exploration of perspectives and inner and outer voices. Students can ask each other what rappers should sing about. Rap is a way of communicating with people in the streets to remind them they are not alone.

Stranded on a Ship

In this activity, students practice “inquiry” in pairs and in groups in order to reach a decision, and agree on a list of items that they need to take with them to a nearby island while their ship is sinking.

When Ant and Grasshopper Exchanged their Shoes

Based on Aesop's fable, "The Ant and the Grasshopper", pupils have to make a pair of paper shoes, act out the moment in which Ant decides to show empathy and share its food and home with Grasshopper after both of them have listened to their respective points of view with true curiosity and exchanged their self-made shoes as a symbol of walking on the other's shoes. (5th & 6th grades)

The Hijacked Puppet

In this educational activity I try to facilitate the negotiation concept "managing triggers" through the short story "The Split Cherry Tree". The methodology is the use of two puppets, one as Prof Herbert and the other as Luster.

Identity Negotiation Fishbowl

This is an activity for enhancing students’ speaking skills and learning negotiation principles, which does not need a lot of time planning or preparation to implement in the classroom. The activity is good for small classes. Large classes can do it, but it would take time for all students, possibly making students bored and repeating the same ideas. To apply it, we need to students to form two groups representing roles from the short story Rules of the Game: one team to express the mother’s point of view and the second pair to express the point of view of the girl.

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