Pay It Forward

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Pay It Forward

Created by Ruchi Kavdiel

Brief Description

An activity for Good Deeds Day or as pre-reading for Count That Day Lost or before Yom Kippur.

It can be done in the classroom or through Zoom. The first part of the lesson (introduction) is done as a class (frontally), and the 3 activities are done in small groups of 2-4. (Optional: An additional last part is done in front of the whole class.)


Learning Objectives

  • Collaborative learning (jigsaw method)
  • Students will learn to present their opinion and negotiate with / persuade their peers.
  • Peer evaluation.
  • Comparing opinions - The Ladder of Inference.


Lead-in / Preparation / Prerequisite Knowledge

  1. They need a computer/cellphone/device connected to the Internet in order to see the clip.
  2. They should know about The Ladder of Inference Tool before the lesson. If they don't, you should teach it to them because it is part of one of the activities.
  3. Prepare Appendix 2 – Opinion Questions: Cut the page into 4 cards, maybe even laminate them to be re-used with other classes.


Estimated Class-Time Required

This activity should take about 2 to 4 lessons of 45 minutes each (between 1.5-3 hours)


Description of Activities

A: Introduction

  1. Show life vest clip:
  2. Discuss what they saw in the clip and how it made them feel.
  3. Have each pupil fill out the worksheet (Appendix 1- Lifevest Worksheet).


B: Activity 1

  1. Divide the class into groups of 2-4 pupils.
  2. Give out cards (Prepared Appendix 2 – Opinion Questions) to the group. If there are only 2 or 3 in the group, give only 2 or 3 cards to each group (each group should have the same cards). Each pupil takes or chooses a card and answers the question according to his/her opinion (there is no right or wrong answer). They can write points or full sentences to discuss.
  3. Each student presents their question and answers to the group. The group helps improve and/or adds to the points stated.


C: Activity 2

  1. Now each pupil moves to a new group with those who have the same question as they do.
  2. Students ask each other questions about why they chose the deed they favored.
  3. Students try to persuade the others in the group why the act they chose is the best answer to the question.
  4. Each pupil fills in Appendix 3-The Ladder of Inference: on one side, his argument, and on the other side, one of the other pupil's arguments.


D: Activity 3

        12) They return to their first group from Activity 1 and tell the group what they heard                  

             and why they were persuaded or not.

 13)  They fill out Appendix 4-Reflection Form.




E: Reflection in front of the class

        14) Summarize the reflection in front of the class.

        15) Pupils ask questions.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases

Comparative/Superlative Structures.

I think/In my opinion/According to…..

On the one hand/On the other hand/Besides/



A: There is 1) a worksheet about what they see in the clip, 2) The Ladder of Inference, and 3) a reflection form that must be filled out and submitted to the teacher during or after the activity.


B: The teacher moves between the groups, encouraging, listening, making sure they are speaking, giving others a chance to speak, and so on.



Ask the pupils what they learned from the activity, what they found difficult, what was missing, and what could have helped them.

Ask how the ladder tool helped them.

Did they enjoy the exercise? Would you like to continue studying this way? Why?



If relevant, please include any files or links needed for the activity.


On the Internet:


Word files:

Appendix 1- Lifevest worksheet

Appendix 2-Flash cards (should be cut and maybe even laminated)

Appendix 3-The Ladder of Inference

Appendix 4-Reflection Form



You should know your class's English speaking level before beginning this activity and maybe change the worksheet according to their level. For example, if it's a weaker class, I might not limit the number of times they use a verb, or I might change the wording in The Ladder of Inference and so on.


Prepare Appendix 2-Flash cards before the lesson, so cut them and maybe even laminate them.


Attached Files

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