Going to the Party Conflict

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Going to the Party Conflict

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Maisa Kezel



In this activity the students will practice negotiation skills by carrying out role plays. The students will watch a scene of a real-life conflict between a girl and her parents. After that the teacher divides the classroom into groups of three, where two students will negotiate with each other, one will be the speaker the second will be the listener and the third student will be the observer and they will switch the roles.


Learning Objectives

  1. To illustrate the term “negotiation” by exposing students to a real-life situation.
  2. To enhance students speaking skills.
  3. To apply the negotiation strategies and skills learned in the previous lesson.


Lead-in / Preparation

In this activity the teacher needs a 5 minutes video.


Estimated Class-Time Required

45 minutes


Description of Activities

Step 1. Divide the group.

The teacher divides the students into groups of three and tells the students that they will watch a scene from a movie that deals with a real-life situation.

Step 2: Watch the scene.


Step 3: Role play activity.

In this activity one student will be the parent, the second pupil will be the daughter and the third pupil will be the observer. Each one of them has to be a listener, a speaker and an observe. The teacher gives a specific time for each round after that they have to switch roles.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases

  • I think that
  • In my opinion
  • Argument
  • Conflict



The teacher who runs the activity will know if the students achieved the learning goal in the final step when students will present their solutions to the problem. By reaching a solution using the negotiation skill means the students achieved the purpose of the activity.



The students can give feedback, express their opinions and share some thoughts. Listening to one another, and discussing certain aspects of the activity will certainly consolidate and enhance their learnings.



The teacher should emphasis on the importance of being a good listener and a good speaker and the sentences each one uses in his role.


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