The Hijacked Puppet

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The Hijacked Puppet

Created by

Manal Abbas



In this educational activity I try to facilitate the negotiation concept "managing triggers" through the short story "The Split Cherry Tree". The methodology is the use of two puppets, one as Prof Herbert and the other as Luster.


Learning Objectives

  • Deepen the students understanding of the way Prof Herbert managed to control Luster's triggers.
  • Reflect on the conflict between Prof Herbert and Luster that will eventually help the students learn how to deal with a difficult conversation and how to handle the triggers.
  • Exploring the skill of "solving problem"
  • Practice spoken English.


Lead-in / Preparation

  • Text – the conversation between prof Herbert and Luster.
  • Materials for making two puppets.


Estimated Class-Time Required

4 lessons each 45 minutes.


Description of Activities

Lesson 1

  • Students watch a short video explaining what is an amygdala hijack.
  • Students are divided into groups of 5 and asked to discuss where can they see amygdala hijack in the story.
  • Students decide how to role play the puppets. (students are authorized to make changes in the text)
  • Students research on YouTube how to prepare the puppets and decide what they can bring. Like this

Lesson 2

The students prepare the puppets and the scenario.

Lesson 3

Each group presents the show.

 Lesson 4

Reflection on the story and reflecting on their lives.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases

Encourage the students to identify any stems in the Prof Herber /Luster conversation and to use at least ten stems from pathways sheet.

Pathways Sentence Stems:
Inquiry, Acknowledgment, Advocacy

For the scenario of prof Herbert with Luster.



  • Attentive listening
  • Cooperation



 Specific sheet will be handed out to the students where they answer reflective questions. After that students are asked to take about a similar situation in their lives where their Amygdala was hijacked.

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