A look to the horizon as 2021-22 fast approaches

We are thrilled to share some of the upcoming partnerships and programs that we are initiating in the new year! Under the auspices of Stevens Initiative and the Aspen Institute through our Game Changers in Education program, this October we are launching our pilot cohort which will bring together undergraduate education majors in the U.S. with pre-service teachers from academic…


Negotiation Education with Branco Weiss Schools

PATHWAYS has been involved in Branco Weiss schools for several years, and this year, two of our legacy schools, [Rabin High School in Mazkeret Batya and Kochvei HaMidbar, a bedouin school in the Negev, Lahav Forest] came together virtually to continue a partnership which has formed over previous years through passionate led teachers’ participation through PATHWAYS programs.We successfully led two…


Legacy Partnership with Amal School Network

The Amal Network, PATHWAYS' legacy school network continues to work closely with us to imagine and innovate in the negotiation education space. Our dear partner, friend, and the visionary behind what would eventually become our Institute for Negotiation Education, Dr. Rachel Tal continues to lead Amal through uncharted waters, changing the game and exposing the network's most passionate and dedicated…


PATHWAYS launches inaugural Negotiation Education Teachers (NET) Fellowship to work with English Language educators on bringing negotiation education into E.L. classrooms

PATHWAYS is pleased to announce the launch of the Negotiation Education Teachers (NET) Fellowship through which it will work with a diverse cohort of English Language Educators on bringing problem-solving negotiation concepts into English classrooms. The NET Fellows Experience Participating Fellows will take part in a 30-hour professional development course certified by the Ministry of Education, including training seminars conducted…


PATHWAYS completes 2016-2017 Game Changers program with over 640 students in 32 schools in wide range of communities across Israel

PATHWAYS completed its 2016-2017 academic year Game Changers program with 32 schools across Israel, paired into 16 duos. Over 640 high school students (20 per school) took part in a transformational two-day negotiation skills workshop, meeting and learning a problem-solving approach to negotiation, in English, with students from another school and background. The program was supported by the U.S. Embassy…


PATHWAYS launches inaugural year as registered non-profit with Game Changers workshops in 16 schools with over 320 students

PATHWAYS launched its inaugural year as a registered non-profit with a series of Game Changers workshops with 16 high schools (8 pairs) across Israel, representing a diverse cross-section of communities.Over 320 students (20 per school) participated in experiential two-day workshops - one day hosted by each school in a pair - in which they discovered and applied a problem-solving approach…


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