Negotiation Education with Branco Weiss Schools

PATHWAYS has been involved in Branco Weiss schools for several years, and this year, two of our legacy schools, [Rabin High School in Mazkeret Batya and Kochvei HaMidbar, a bedouin school in the Negev, Lahav Forest] came together virtually to continue a partnership which has formed over previous years through passionate led teachers’ participation through PATHWAYS programs.

We successfully led two teachers and 40 students through workshops in which they were introduced to practical negotiation tools including problem-solving, communication, and cooperation. Our educators participated in sessions that helped build the confidence and skill set to continue the conversation with their students who had the opportunity to connect with peers through experiential learning while holding dialogue in English. We are excited to continue our partnership with Branco Weiss schools in the years to come!

Below is a wonderful review from one of our amazing students, Roy Meir! We are so happy to hear your class had such a fun and meaningful experience participating in our workshop!