PATHWAYS completes 2016-2017 Game Changers program with over 640 students in 32 schools in wide range of communities across Israel

PATHWAYS completed its 2016-2017 academic year Game Changers program with 32 schools across Israel, paired into 16 duos. Over 640 high school students (20 per school) took part in a transformational two-day negotiation skills workshop, meeting and learning a problem-solving approach to negotiation, in English, with students from another school and background.

The program was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Israel, Darca Schools, ORT, and Amal Group.

2016 – 2017 Game Changers: Participating  Schools / Pairs

  • Albashaer School of Science, Sakhnin & Misgav High School, Misgav
  • St Georges HS, Lod & Rabin HS, Mazkeret Batya
  • Al Qassemi, Baqa el-Garbiya & HaAmit HS, Rishon LeZion
  • Ebn Alhaitham Comprehensive School, Baqa el-Garbiya & Sharet Netanya, Netanya
  • Deir el-Asad Comprehensive, Deir el-Asad & Science and Arts, Nahariya
  • Iksal High School, Iksal & Nir Ha’Emek, Afula
  • Chrysostomus Secondary School, Jish & Nofarim B’Galil, Tiberias
  • Amal HaDekalim Tel Sheva, Tel Sheva & Achvah, Dimona
  • Al Najah School Rahat & Gymnasia Darca Kiryat Malachi
  • Maxim Levy Darca, Lod &  Yousef Shaheen Multidisciplinary, Taibeh
  • Shaked Darca, Sde Eliyahu & Al Galil HS, Nazareth
  • Darca Begin, Gedera & Ibn Sena, Kfar Kassem
  • Darca Ramon, Gedera & Al Noor High School Hura
  • ORT Bustan El Marj & ORT Lilinthal, Ramla
  • ORT Hilmi Shafei, Akko & ORT Binyamina
  • Amal, Qalansawa & Amal, Petach Tiqvah

Student Testimonials 

“A negotiation is really about conflict resolution; there isn’t a winning or losing side. Through a negotiation we try to figure out how to solve problems in a way that both side are satisfied, we try to solve problems in peaceful ways.”

“This is a concept that is very closely associated with the political world but is relevant to everyone. It happens everywhere and at any time.”

“I thought it’s a perfect chance to train and improve my speaking skills in English”. 

Teacher Testimonials

“It (the program) highlights how meaningful learning should be done and inspires me as a teacher to adopt the active nature of the workshops in my own lessons.”

“It is one of the all-time best educational programs I’ve ever participated in.” 

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