Bruce Patton, co-author of Getting to Yes, leads webinar for PATHWAYS Fellows, exploring theory and practice of teaching negotiation developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project

PATHWAYS was honored to host Bruce Patton for its first-ever webinar in its new series of Negotiation Education Master Classes for Fellows taking part in its Negotiation Education Teachers (NET) Fellowship. Joining the video conference from the U.S., Bruce engaged 24 NET Fellows in a reflection on the theory and practical approach - both for practicing and teaching negotiation -…


PATHWAYS partners with Diplomacy and International Communication in English elective to deliver a mediation workshop for lead teachers in anticipation of 400+ student Leadership Launch Day summit

PATHWAYS partnered with leadership of the the Diplomacy and International Communication in English elective to design and deliver a 30-hour professional development course ("hishtalmut") on mediation and communication skills, featuring an intensive two-day seminar in Akko in December. The program was prepared in anticipation of lead teachers running their own sessions as part of a 400+ student Leadership Launch Day summit…


PATHWAYS launches inaugural Negotiation Education Teachers (NET) Fellowship to work with English Language educators on bringing negotiation education into E.L. classrooms

PATHWAYS is pleased to announce the launch of the Negotiation Education Teachers (NET) Fellowship through which it will work with a diverse cohort of English Language Educators on bringing problem-solving negotiation concepts into English classrooms. The NET Fellows Experience Participating Fellows will take part in a 30-hour professional development course certified by the Ministry of Education, including training seminars conducted…


30 English Language educators take part in 2017 Negotiation Education Summer Institute with PATHWAYS and guest expert Whitney Benns of the Harvard Graduate School of Education

PATHWAYS hosted its second annual Negotiation Education Summer Institute, July 24 2017 at the SPNI Hermon Field School, with guest expert Whitney Benns. Negotiation Expert: Whitney BennsWhitney is a consultant at Triad Consulting Group and teaches negotiation at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she is a senior teaching fellow.Alongside her corporate work and university teaching, she has been running a…


PATHWAYS completes 2016-2017 Game Changers program with over 640 students in 32 schools in wide range of communities across Israel

PATHWAYS completed its 2016-2017 academic year Game Changers program with 32 schools across Israel, paired into 16 duos. Over 640 high school students (20 per school) took part in a transformational two-day negotiation skills workshop, meeting and learning a problem-solving approach to negotiation, in English, with students from another school and background. The program was supported by the U.S. Embassy…


PATHWAYS hosts seminar with Mark Gordon, founding partner of Vantage Partners and co-founder and former chairman of Conflict Management Group

PATHWAYS hosted an exclusive seminar with visiting negotiation expert Mark Gordon for educators and partners in its network. Mark Gordon Seminar: A Closer Look Mark is a founding partner of Vantage Partners, a leading negotiation consulting firm spun out of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and is the co-founder and former chairman of Conflict Management Group (now merged with Mercy Corps).…


PATHWAYS launches partnership with GALMUN to help build principled, problem-solving negotiation skills for Model United Nations delegates

PATHWAYS is pleased to announce the launch of a partnership with Galilee Model United Nations (GALMUN), a leading Model United Nations conference hosted by St. Joseph Seminary & High School-Almotran in Nazareth in cooperation with Retorika for Multiculturalism. Hosted at the Golden Crown Hotel in Nazareth, GALMUN brings students from different backgrounds together for a two-day Model United Nations experience, helping…


PATHWAYS welcomes Sheila Heen, co-author of best-seller “Difficult Conversations,” as guest expert for 2016 Summer Institute for educators

PATHWAYS organized and implemented an intensive, four-day Negotiation Education Summer Institute for 23 English Language educators at the Alon Tavor Field School, August 8-11, 2016. The program was supported and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Israel.The goal of the program was to build a foundational understanding of negotiation theory and practice, and to explore how these ideas can be…


PATHWAYS launches inaugural year as registered non-profit with Game Changers workshops in 16 schools with over 320 students

PATHWAYS launched its inaugural year as a registered non-profit with a series of Game Changers workshops with 16 high schools (8 pairs) across Israel, representing a diverse cross-section of communities.Over 320 students (20 per school) participated in experiential two-day workshops - one day hosted by each school in a pair - in which they discovered and applied a problem-solving approach…

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