Wire Cutters

A chance encounter proves fateful for two robots mining on a desolate planet.

The Haggle

From the Monty Python film "Life of Brian": Brian is in a hurry to buy a fake beard to disguise himself from the Roman guards, but gets into a ridiculous situation where the beard-seller, Harry The Haggler insists that he must ""haggle properly"" before he can buy. Themes: Bargaining/Haggling, Changing the Game Questions for students: What is going on? Why…


Five individuals find themselves in a precarious situation. An unexpected discovery throws their relationship off-balance. Questions for students: What do you see happening? Why do the people fight over the box? How does the situation end? Is that a good outcome? Could another outcome have been possible? What? How could they have interacted differently? What lessons do you take for…

Asch Conformity Test

When people override their own perceptions to fit in. Questions for students: What is going on? Why do people agree with the group even when they see something different? What is the difference between informational and normative conformity? What is the role of criticism in group pressure? What does that tell us that is relevant to negotiation and problem-solving?

The Power of Outsiders

An "outsider" comes up with a new system of trucking and shipping. Themes: Creative Problem-Solving, Thinking out of the Box Questions: Why did it take a long time for someone to come up with a new idea for a new way of shipping goods faster? Why did it take so long to convince everyone? What lessons do you take for…

Stuck on an Escalator

Two people get stuck on a broken escalator. What are they to do? Themes: Problem-solving, Being Proactive Questions for Discussion with Students: What happened? Why did the people not move? Why is that funny? What is this video trying to say about how we sometimes approach our problems? Have you seen people act like this in real life? What are…

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