Partnership with EcoPeace Middle East for their regional Water Diplomacy for Young Professionals program

After a successful first year, our partnership with EcoPeace Middle East continues. The second cohort of Water Diplomacy for Young Professionals, a regional EcoPeace program, is well underway. EcoPeace staff across three offices in Jordan, Palestine and Israel are taking their participants through a journey of parallel learning with the support of PATHWAYS as a content expert focused on problem-solving negotiation and effective communication.

The experience for this year’s cohort culminated just weeks ago, in August at the annual regional workshop for young professionals. Due to the pandemic, this regional meet-up was conducted virtually and participants from across the region got together to implement the skills and tools they’d learned across the year in a day-long negotiation simulation. We are deeply inspired by the important work being done by EcoPeace and are very proud to partner with them on this initiative. We look forward to exploring opportunities for ongoing cooperation in our third year of official affiliation.