PATHWAYS hosts seminar with Mark Gordon, founding partner of Vantage Partners and co-founder and former chairman of Conflict Management Group

PATHWAYS hosted an exclusive seminar with visiting negotiation expert Mark Gordon for educators and partners in its network.

Mark Gordon Seminar: A Closer Look

Mark is a founding partner of Vantage Partners, a leading negotiation consulting firm spun out of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and is the co-founder and former chairman of Conflict Management Group (now merged with Mercy Corps).

Mark led an intimate seminar and discussion, taking participants through interactive exercises to discover / reinforce key problem-solving negotiation concepts, and facilitated discussion of real-life cases and examples.

Connecting With Negotiation Experts

PATHWAYS strives to regularly connect members of its educational community with leading experts in the fields of negotiation and education in order to support their efforts to bring problem-solving negotiation education into classrooms.

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Avi Goldstein

Avi is Founder and International Executive Director of PATHWAYS.