Call for applications open for 2020 Virtual Negotiation Education Summer Institute. Join us August 16-20 *online* to explore how we can use negotiation concepts and experiential teaching methods to build students’ thinking and EL speaking skills. Application deadline: July 23.


PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education is pleased to invite English language educators to apply for the 2020 Virtual Negotiation Education Summer Institute. The 5th annual program is planned as an interactive online summit for Sunday, August 16th – Thursday, August 20th, 2020.

The virtual Summer Institute will be an interactive opportunity to explore key issues in effective communication and interest-based negotiation based on the “Harvard method”, and to build students’ English thinking and speaking skills by bringing these concepts to life in the classroom.

“It’s so inspiring. I left yesterday’s session feeling
that I have the tools to be a better person, and a better teacher.” 

– NESI 2019 Participant 

Together with PATHWAYS facilitators and an international guest expert (see bio below), Summer Institute participants will:

  • Learn theory and practical tools for how to navigate difficult conversations
  • Reinforce capacity for using experiential in-person and virtual teaching methods such as fishbowls, role plays, simulations, and group connections 
  • Explore ways to strengthen students’ motivation to practice speaking while developing essential life skills of effective communication and negotiation
  • Develop professional expertise and expand personal skill set for daily life
  • Build working relationships with educators from diverse backgrounds
  • Join the PATHWAYS Educator Community with year-round access to learning resources, peer-created teaching tools, and exclusive online sessions with negotiation experts

What to expect: This is the first digital version of our annual Summer Institute, due to COVID-19. We are striving to bring the interactive retreat experience into your home, creating a digital oasis from work, home, and other responsibilities, to immerse in a  valuable professional development and community-building opportunity. For the program to be a success, we ask participants to be in ‘full seminar mode’ for the times allotted to workshops and activities. The retreat will run with two daily, interactive, online workshops, one morning and one afternoon (times below), each for 90 minutes. There will also be some additional activities to be completed in small groups outside of the online sessions. Active attendance with full video & audio of all live sessions and completion of the other activities is expected and required for participants.

Worried about too much screen time? You’ve never Zoomed like this before. The course will incorporate a variety of physical, digital, and offline approaches – plenary, challenges, role plays, peer conversations, creative play, and even a little bit of nature – all of which you can adapt and apply to your own classrooms.

2020 Virtual Summer Institute live sessions

Dates & Times



SUNDAY 16th August

15:30 – 17:00 

MONDAY 17th August

10:00  – 11:30

15:30 – 17:00 

TUESDAY 18th August

10:00  – 11:30

15:30 – 17:00 

WEDNESDAY 19th August

10:00  – 11:30

15:30 – 17:00 

THURSDAY 20th August

10:00  – 11:30

15:30 – 17:00 

Participation in all live sessions is required. Programming between sessions (e.g. role plays, small group activities) will be conducted at times chosen by the participants. 

Location: Online 

Participants must be equipped with audio, microphone, and video and must be comfortable keeping their video on during all live sessions


The program is intended for high school English Language educators, junior high school EL educators, EL inspectors, EL coordinators, and EL instructors from Academic Colleges. The program is primarily designed around 4- & 5-point level high school EL education. English education professionals of all levels are welcome and have enjoyed & benefited from this program in the past, but the impetus is on the individual to tailor material taken from the Institute to your own classroom’s English level.

Participants of past Summer Institutes are not eligible to take part again. Alumni of other PATHWAYS programs (NET Fellowship, Game Changers) are invited to apply.

Note: Whereas the year-long NET Fellowship is built upon the negotiation-centered Getting to Yes book, the Summer Institute will revolve around ideas from the book Difficult Conversations, which addresses conflict and communication in everyday life. These two programs are complementary, so those who have participated in one are welcome and encouraged to apply for the other.  

“I take many courses and workshops during the whole year. This by far beats everything;
everything – all the tools and skills are so rich. I can’t wait to pass these to my students.”

 – NESI 2019 Participant

Cost: 250 NIS non-refundable registration fee for accepted participants. 

Hishtalmut: We have applied for recognition of the Summer Institute with a 30-hour Hishtalmut. 

Application: Please submit your application by July 23rd using the form below. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Though final decisions will be made after the 23rd, it is beneficial to submit as early as possible. 

Featured Guest Expert: Naseem Khuri

Naseem Khuri, Adjunct Assistant Professor of International Negotiations at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, is a trainer, consultant, mediator and facilitator specializing in negotiation, influence, and conflict management. He is a Senior Partner with Dragonfly Partners, a Principal with CMPartners, and a Senior Facilitator with Vantage Partners. 

In the public and NGO sectors, he works with foundations, non-profit and international organizations, and government institutions managing strategic planning processes, delivering customized negotiation and influence training and facilitating internal change conversations and initiatives. Clients include Israeli, Palestinian and international diplomats and political leaders, the U.S. State Department, U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Air Force, the World Bank and human rights organizations in Northern Ireland. Previously, he was a senior advisor to the Kennedy School Negotiation Project at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), where he developed and delivered customized capacity-building workshops to mid- and high-level public sector clients in Europe and Asia and to local government staff, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies in the United States.

He also works with Fortune 100 companies in the private sector, offering training and consulting services to clients ranging from procurement officers managing key vendor relationships to loan officers managing long-term borrower relationships. Clients come from the manufacturing, energy, consulting and banking industries.

Avi Goldstein

Avi is Founder and International Executive Director of PATHWAYS.