Bruce Patton, co-author of Getting to Yes, leads webinar for PATHWAYS Fellows, exploring theory and practice of teaching negotiation developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project

PATHWAYS was honored to host Bruce Patton for its first-ever webinar in its new series of Negotiation Education Master Classes for Fellows taking part in its Negotiation Education Teachers (NET) Fellowship.

Joining the video conference from the U.S., Bruce engaged 24 NET Fellows in a reflection on the theory and practical approach – both for practicing and teaching negotiation – developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project, before taking questions from participants.

Get to Know Bruce Patton

Bruce Patton is a Distinguished Fellow of the Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP), which he co-founded with Roger Fisher and William Ury in 1979 and administered as Deputy Director until 2009. With Fisher, Patton pioneered the teaching of negotiation at Harvard Law School, where he was Thaddeus R. Beal Lecturer on Law for fifteen years.

Patton is also a co-founder and Director of Vantage Partners, LLC, a global consulting firm that helps large companies negotiate and manage their most important relationships—with customers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues—to achieve critical bottomline results.

Patton’s Work Around The World

In addition to his work with many of the world’s largest corporations, Patton has helped resolve international conflicts ranging from the Iranian hostage conflict to South African apartheid to conflict in Central America.

Patton is the co-author, with Roger Fisher and William Ury, of Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, which has sold more than 8 million copies, and with Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen of the New York Times bestselling Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, available in more than thirty languages and in the library of the International Space Station. Patton received his A.B. from Harvard College and his J.D. from Harvard Law School.

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Avi Goldstein

Avi is Founder and International Executive Director of PATHWAYS.