PATHWAYS partners with Diplomacy and International Communication in English elective to deliver a mediation workshop for lead teachers in anticipation of 400+ student Leadership Launch Day summit

PATHWAYS partnered with leadership of the the Diplomacy and International Communication in English elective to design and deliver a 30-hour professional development course (“hishtalmut”) on mediation and communication skills, featuring an intensive two-day seminar in Akko in December. The program was prepared in anticipation of lead teachers running their own sessions as part of a 400+ student Leadership Launch Day summit held by the elective in Mazkeret Batya to support students in pursuing their own mediation and problem-solving projects in their schools and communities.

Inside the Mediation Course

Topics covered in the workshop included Third Side (3S) roles for mediating conflicts, as described in the work of William Ury, foundation concepts of problem-solving negotiation, and key communication skills for bridging gaps in perspectives.

PATHWAYS facilitators worked with participating teachers to adapt and prepare for leading their upcoming student sessions using a custom-made booklet of activities created by PATHWAYS for the program. PATHWAYS Director Avi Goldstein provided the keynote address to the 400+ students at the Leadership Launch Day.

“Through the professional development course and intensive study seminar, Avi and Michael not only introduced mediation and facilitation methods but trained the teachers to use the methods to take on the role of mediator and facilitator themselves. Each step of the way, they moved from activity and debriefing to theory and practice with agility and humor. Every hour was enriching and effective. It was wonderful to work with PATHWAYS!”

– Jennifer Sternlicht, National Coordinator of Studies in Diplomacy and International Communication in English – Ministry of Education in Israel

“The cooperation with the PATHWAYS team helped us create a high national standard for the performance-based-task in conflict studies. Teachers were trained to use practical tools to enhance students’ learning and had the opportunity to enrich their own tool box of teaching methods. The PATHWAYS team was highly attentive and thorough throughout the process of developing the workshops and exceptionally engaging during the workshops. As usual, it was a pure pleasure to work and learn from the PATHWAYS team.”

– Dania Masarwa, National Counselor for Conflict Management Studies

Participating teachers said:

“This workshop opened my eyes to a new subject that is relevant to my life and is something that I will pass on to my students. I enjoyed the two day seminar tremendously. Thank you.”

“The workshop was well thought out and organized. The material was presented in a very interesting and interactive way.”

“I feel that the whole process was outstanding and tailor made to fit this program!”

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Avi Goldstein

Avi is Founder and International Executive Director of PATHWAYS.