PATHWAYS welcomes Sheila Heen, co-author of best-seller “Difficult Conversations,” as guest expert for 2016 Summer Institute for educators

PATHWAYS organized and implemented an intensive, four-day Negotiation Education Summer Institute for 23 English Language educators at the Alon Tavor Field School, August 8-11, 2016. The program was supported and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Israel.

The goal of the program was to build a foundational understanding of negotiation theory and practice, and to explore how these ideas can be applied in classrooms, schools and communities in order to help students to acquire life skills for problem solving and non-violent communication, and for improving English language proficiency.

Special Guest: Sheila Heen

After early morning yoga sessions, participants explored modules of negotiation which included theory, practice and simulations. New techniques of studying American literature through the lens of negotiation concepts – such as negotiating positions, interests, options and legitimacy – were discussed.

The sessions were led by Sheila Heen, lecturer at Harvard Law School; PATHWAYS professional facilitators; U.S. Embassy officials; English Language leadership at the Ministry of Education; and experienced Israeli educators.

As a result of the workshop, graduating teachers will be able to better mentor and serve in leadership roles in their respective schools, and this new community of practice will be able to inspire and support other educators.

The Ministry of Education awarded participants with professional development credits for taking part in the program.

Participating teachers said:

“Thank you for making these skills available to teachers.”

“I feel that this seminar has not only really opened my eyes, but also opened doors for me to an entire world to bring into my classroom. I’m very excited.” 

“An amazing retreat, from start to finish. All of those in charge from PATHWAYS and the U.S. Embassy were so open and helpful. The atmosphere was wonderful – both the physical setting and the camaraderie formed among the teachers. I feel blessed to have been invited to participate in something this special. In every way, I would like to say thank you for empowering and inspiring us.” 

“The program opened my eyes to be able to see, understand and communicate better with ‘others’. It also contributed many ideas and encourages me, as a teacher, to try to do something different and unique.”

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Avi Goldstein

Avi is Founder and International Executive Director of PATHWAYS.