The Road Not Taken (or Maybe Taken)?

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  • Create Date June 20, 2023
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The Road Not Taken (or Maybe Taken)?

Created by Abigail Adin-Surkis

Brief Description

The activity has a few stages. It focuses on the poem but also asks the students to imagine that they must choose a path: enlist to the army or go on studying after high-school graduation.

  • Stage 1: watch a video about the poem.
  • Stage 2: LOTS+HOTS questions in order to make sure the poem is clear.
  • Stage 3: role-play activity in order to practice negotiation/decision making/understanding the other’s point of view.
  • Stage 4: summarize using Linoit or Mentimeter. 


Learning Objectives

The activity involves mainly listening, reading & speaking skills.

The students will be able to appreciate listening to one another, expressing opposing opinions & trying to convince each other while role-playing.

The students will be able to use relevant vocabulary in Band 1-3 in order to participate in the activity.

The students will be able to synthesize information from the poem and reality. 

The students will be able to practice online tools if conducted on zoom. 


Lead-in / Preparation / Prerequisite Knowledge

Prior to the role-play activity, the students have to go through stages 1-2. In order to do that, the students can watch the video and work in groups (or on Zoom) or work a-synchronously alone or in groups before meeting the teacher for the role-play activity.


The teacher & students must be fully acquainted with Zoom, working in rooms, watching a YouTube video, and also using Linoit or Mentimeter.


Estimated Class-Time Required

Pair the students randomly in order to practice the role-play activity. Give each pair around 5-7 minutes, and then re-pair them again for another 5-7 minutes. In between, check in as ask how the activity went/is going. Allow 2-3 minutes for this. After that, let them write on Linoit or Mentimeter for 5 more minutes. Altogether, the whole activity should take 30 minutes.


Description of Activities

Stage 1-2: The teacher asks the students to watch the video and answer the worksheet. Students should send answers to the teacher before the (online) lesson. A few hours before the lesson, the teacher sends an invitation which may look like the following:


Stage 3: When students are ready, divide them into rooms (two per room) for 5-7 minutes. When they are back, have a short discussion in order to hear comments (2-3 minutes). Then send to the rooms again. Randomly pair them up again and ask them to try the other role if possible. After 5-7 minutes, bring them back again and ask them to summarize using Linoit or Mentimeter like the following that I’ve used in the past.



Key Vocabulary / Phrases

Ambiguous, argue, authority, challenge, commitment, compromise, discuss, eager, factors, impact, opportunity, perspective, position, postpone, priority, prioritize, realistic, risk, timeline


Exploring their point of view
From where you stand, how does .... look to you?
Help me understand…
How did you arrive at…position?
How do you see…
How do you understand …?
How would…work
Say more about how you see…
So the way you are seeing this is…
So you're saying… Is that right?
What are you seeing that I might be missing?
What does … mean to you?
What information leads you to the conclusion that …?
What leads you to…view?
What would…look like?
What's the impact to you of …?
Why is … important to you?


The students are asked to reflect in writing towards the end of the session. Ask them to summarize the session using words from the list.

The teacher moves from one session to another in order to hear the students speaking.

The students are also asked to assess each other according to certain criteria, which include, for example, usage of expressions & vocabulary and fluency.



Students are going to reflect using Linoit.



Everything necessary is included in the links.



Let the students feel activated. Let them have fun. Try to be flexible & at the same time, pay attention to time and follow the stages.


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