The Job Interview

Yair Levy Agami - Pathways Teachers Fellow 2017-2018
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The Job Interview

Yair Levy



  • Students will be able to present their personal attributes to a future employer.
  • Students will be familiarized with job applications procedures.
  • Students will practice their speaking skills.
  • Students will practice decision making and negotiation skills



90 minutes

Allow 25 minutes for group forming, reading and filling forms.



  • An empty resume form - To be filled by the student.
  • The movie "Big " - The job interview scene.
  • 2 cards with a company description.



  1. Students will watch the job interview scene from the movie "Big".
  2. The teacher will lead a short discussion about job interviews, what qualities do the students think are most important for an employee and what do employers look for.
  3. A short explanation about C.V/resume. Their content, importance and usage.
  4. Divide the class into 4 groups. Two groups will be the employers and the other two groups will play the applicants.
  5. Each employers group will receive a card containing the description of the company and its needs. The company is looking to hire a certain individual to a specific role.
  6. When students have finished reading, preparing and filling in the forms, the interviews would begin.
  7. Each applicant should decide which job to apply to first.
  8. The students’ objective is to hire the right person for the job/To be hired for the job (depending on the role they will be playing).
  9. Once every student has been interviewed, the roles are changed and the interviews continue.



interest, needs, goals, motivation, options, agreement, skills, qualifications, team, resume.

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