The Exploration Crossword

Yosef Kayal - 2018-2019 NET Fellowship
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The Exploration Crossword

Created by
Yosef Kayal

Brief Description
Targeted audience: Two groups of students , the same level , but from different schools and cultures.

A crossword is designed by two teachers, to be completed with information referring to written questions from a paper. The students are divided into groups of fours as each group includes two participants from each school. The information that the activity covers is relevant to both cultures (occasions, customs, name of school, subjects taught at each school, food, the town etc.). Concepts from PATHWAYS could be related too. When finishing successfully , four volunteers present the answers , each two students present information about the other group.


Learning Objectives
Work in group , searching information , developing a conversation ( asking questions) , cooperation , new vocabulary , accuracy in choosing information enriching knowledge and education.

Lead-in / Preparation
Pencils with erasers , worksheets (phone as an option in case of failure to know an answer)

Estimated Class-Time Required
20-30 minutes


Description of Activities

A random division in groups of four of the students is conducted . Each group consists of two from school A and two from school B. Instructions are given by a teacher. These instructions include the rules of the activity : use pencil only , the four students must agree on the answer, ask permission if you need to use phones, it is a competitive game so keep privacy, the deadline time is 30 minutes . The answers to be checked and approved by both teachers. When all are finished four students present the answers and intervene is allowed by curious students about certain information .This is a good chance to find out what both cultures chare and how they differ in some aspects.



The students will present the information they got from the other group.

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