Negotiation in a Real-Life Situation

Eman Dawarshi - Pathways Teachers Fellow 2017-2018
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Negotiation in a Real-Life Situation

Eman Drawshi


  • Illustrating the term "Negotiation" by exposing students to a real-life situation (Role-play)
  • Enhancing students' speaking skills



45 min Total:

  • 5 min video
  • 10 min leading question (brainstorming)
  • 30 min role-play: ask students to write conversations in pairs and then ask two couples to role-play their conversation in front of the whole class. Other students are required to take notes that they can relate to in their reflection part.



Link to video:



1) Brainstorming by showing a video

Leading question: what might an employee care about in his/her next step after losing a job? What might he/she worry about?

Brainstorm by eliciting answers, possible reasons, excuses.

2) Role-play

An employee (student A) has not been performing very well recently at work. He/she has many problems. You (student B) have invited him/her to your office planning to fire him/her nicely and let him/her know that he/she must leave at the end of the day.



Negotiation, employee, employer, employment, position, CEO, strategy, interest.



Ask students to write a short essay expressing their opinion regarding the outcomes of the conversation occurred. Are they satisfying? Have the negotiators reached a compromise/BATNA? Did they refer to objective standards of legitimacy to further their point of view (Write 80-100 words and try to integrate the target vocabulary mentioned above)

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