Negotiation Between Mr. Kelada and Mr. Ramsay in Mr. Know All

Yasmin Abu Saad - Pathways Teachers Fellow 2017-2018
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Negotiation Between Mr. Kelada and Mr. Ramsay in Mr. Know All


Yasmin Abu Saad



  • Students will be able to act out a conversation between two characters and generate a new way to approach this conversation.
  • Students will be able to present their ideas and thoughts.



 Double lesson (90 minutes)



Option 1 course book (UPP).

Make sure you have gotten to part IV in the story.



Negotiation between Mr. Kelada and Mr. Ramsay.

After we finish reading part IV, have students go back to the conversation between these two characters, regarding if the pearl is fake or not.

Have students reflect upon this conversation: what they think and what they would have done differently if they were one of the characters.

Draw students' attention to the board. Write "negotiation" and a list of the seven elements. Go over these terms and make sure they remember and understand them (if the class is new to these elements, give more in-depth explanation using PATHWAYS’ seven elements preparation worksheet).

Present the following question:

How could the conversation change if we purposefully think about these negotiation elements?

Brainstorm together to see what suggestions students have. Write them down on the board.

Then, conduct a “fishbowl” role play of Mr. Kelada and Mr. Ramsay's conversation: have students role play in front of the whole class, one being Mr. Kelada and the other being Mr. Ramsay. While these students are negotiating, pause and have other students (in the audience) reflect, and see what other suggestions they have. Rotate students into the roles of both these characters.



interests, options, legitimacy, relationship, communication, alternatives, commitment, department store, hesitate, imitation, mistaken



When the conversation ends, have a whole-class discussion about this "new" conversation. Was it different from the original one? If so, how? What caused it to change?



Participation and active discussions.


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