Negotiating a New Cabin Companion in Mr. Know All

Liron Katz - Pathways Teachers Fellow 2017-2018
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Negotiating a New Cabin Companion in Mr. Know All

Liron Katz



  1. Students will be able to understand the perspective of different characters in the story.
  2. Students will be able to negotiate a cabin exchange for the narrator.
  3. Students will practice their speaking skills.
  4. Students will be able to prepare themselves to a negotiation by filling a table of interests (Pathways’ negotiation preparation sheet).



90 minutes



Link to video:



  1. Students are divided into pairs (one represents the narrator and the other represents Mr. Kelada).
  2. Each student is given a scenario sheet.
  3. Each student is given a negotiation preparation sheet in order to list:
    1. Known information about the character
    2. "why"
    3. His/ her interests
    4. Area of flexibility/options
    5. Possible outcomes
  4. In pairs, students will lead a negotiation over the cabin exchange.
  5. Each pair will present its interests and achievements (or lack of).



agenda, interest, needs, concerns, goals, motivation, bargening, options, agreement, cooperation, partner, achieving goals, resolution, BATNA.



  1. Each pair will submit two negotiation preparation sheets.
  2. Each pair will present their characters:
    • Given information from the story
    • The character's "why"
    • The character's interests
    • The outcome of their negotiation



Each student records a 2 minute reflection video about his/her experience while considering the following:

  1. His/her thoughts about the topic of the activity (negotiating a cabin exchange with a character from a literary text).
  2. About the preparation stage (completing a negotiation sheet)
  3. His/her feelings while negotiation:
  4. Was I prepared? Was I a confident negotiator? Was I satisfied with the results? Did I use the targeted vocabulary? Did this activity contribute to my negotiation skills?
  5. Presenting in class: Was I confident speaking in English? Did I use the targeted vocabulary? Did it contribute to my public speaking skills?
  6. What would I do differently?


* Each reflection will be sent by WhatsApp to the teacher.


* Download PDF for Scenario Sheets 

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