More is Less or Less is More?!

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More is Less or Less is More?!

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Carmen Avrouskine



The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost – introducing the communicative concept of negotiation, connecting to English language use in classroom, using experimental explanatory teaching methods.


Learning Objectives

  1. Interests vs opinions
  2. Inquiry & acknowledgment vs advocacy
  3. Ladder of inference – data, interpretation, conclusion
  4. Focusing on the goal – win-win
  5. Expressing empathy before offering solution


Lead-in / Preparation

  • Choose the English center for this activity – it has two entering doors.
  • Prepare signs for the doors to choose either one to enter – path one & two.
  • Prepare two different boxes of sweets – toffies & candies.
  • Ask students to choose and open one of the boxes.
  • Handout worksheets with HOTS literature concepts.
  • Handout vocabulary list of negotiation vocabulary/chunks/fill in sentences.
  • Handout sheet to choose a summarizing activity – reflection/video clip/flashcards.


Estimated Class-Time Required

  • 90 minutes-lesson for pre-activity, basic understanding and summarizing.
  • 45 minutes-lesson to prepare post-activity.
  • 45 minutes-lesson to present in class.


Description of Activities

  1. Meet students at English center and ask to choose a door to enter.
  2. Ask them to choose a box to open and pick a sweet.
  3. Handout WS to write process of decision – small groups.
  4. Switch candies – negotiation skills – inquiring, acknowledgement, advocacy.
  5. Relate to HOTS and ladder of inference – data, interpretation, conclusion.
  6. Start preparing the portfolio with WS.
  7. Read the poem.
  8. Answer LOTS questions from Literature book.
  9. Prepare flashcards with negotiation concept vocabulary/questions/chunks.
  10. Plan final assignment – post activity – reflection/video clip/poster/dance, etc.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases

  • New vocabulary – HOTS, poem, negotiation.
  • Asking questions chunks – interview, inquiry.
  • Reflection vocabulary.



  • Completing a Literature portfolio as per inspectorate request.
  • Creating a video clip.
  • Interviewing a family member/friend on a personal dilemma.
  • Building similar activity for youth movement activity/dancing drill/sports drill, etc.
  • Preparing a slam poem on the topic.



  • Creating an activity using the skills of inquiry, acknowledgement and advocacy.
  • Presenting it in class.
  • Mentioning three new skills gained from this activity.



This activity is planned for 11th graders 4 points students, medium level of English.

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