Involving Women in Matters of Peace and War

Emily Singer - Pathways Teachers Fellow 2017-2018
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Involving Women in Matters of Peace and War


Have students learn and think about global issues, and practice negotiation skills through reading about an issue, preparing for negotiation, and creating a positive outcome.


Introduction in class about the UNDHR, UN Resolution 1325 about women and peace, and the Declaration of the rights of the child (have students read them online and share two things they learned on an online forum). Prepare country cards and information packets about the countries and the issues.

Link to Overview of UN Resolution 1325 – what it is and what’s being done:

Israel’s journey to implement UN Resolution 1325: 


  1. Bring speaker (e.g. from an Embassy) to present to the students about the UN and these two resolutions.
  2. Next class, divide students in small groups, each one representing a country. Each group prepares a one-minute statement about the issue from the viewpoint of their country.  The issue is there is a budget for empowering women and children, in order to further their rights.  How should the UN spend the money?  What sort of program(s) should they fund?
  3. Invite representatives of other countries to make comments.
  4. Give a 20-minute break during which the countries must get together with other countries and try to negotiate a resolution.
  5. Groups make their proposals, and the countries vote on each resolution, until one passes.


One double lesson, and then one extended lesson (3-4 hours)


Agenda, chair, decorum, delegate, delegation, director, draft resolution, debate, gavel, moderator, resolution, vote



Group work, individual participation, and final product of proposal.


Ask students to write about the experience.  What did they learn?  What was the experience like for them?

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