In Someone’s Shoes

Amy Fields - 2018-2019 NET Fellowship
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In Someone's Shoes

Created by

Amy Fields


Brief Description

Using characters in a short story or novel, students ask questions to understand another character’s point of view.


Learning Objectives

  • TLWDA to understand and analyze a character’s point of view.
  • TLWDA to write interview questions in English.
  • TLWDA to ask and answer questions orally in English.
  • TLWDA to apply the concept of position versus interests to a character in a short story or novel. (The goal is not to reach a different decision, but just to understand what motivated a character’s decision.)


Lead-in / Preparation

Students need to have all read a particular short story or novel.


Estimated Class-Time Required

45 minutes (1 lesson)


Description of Activity

  1. Pair students up.
  2. Each pair selects 2 different characters from a given short story or novel.
  3. Each student writes 4-5 questions for their partner’s character to help uncover the character’s interests regarding the conflict in the story. Possible questions to use:
    1. Why did you make that decision?
    2. Can you tell me more about it?
    3. Can you explain your thinking to me?
    4. What concerns you about the decision you made
    5. What do you fear might happen if you make a different decision?
  4. Post examples of follow-up questions as listed below.
  5. Students interview one another, each acting the part of their selected character. They should answer the interview questions in keeping with what they know about the character.
  6. As the interview proceeds, the students should be encouraged to ask some of the follow-up questions listed below.
  7. Optional: Each student will write down a summary of the answers received.




Debrief the activity with the students.  Ask questions, such as the following:

  1. What did you learn about either character that you didn’t consider ahead of time?
  2. How might you have persuaded the character to make a different decision?
  3. How might you apply this strategy to your life?



The students will reflect on the activity and consolidate their learning through the debriefing process.


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