Driving the Car to School

Lilach Alshech - 2018-2019 NET Fellowship
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Driving the Car to School

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Lilach Alshech


Brief Description

A negotiation conversation between a teenager and his parents to allow him to drive the car to school.


Learning Objectives

Students will learn to practice their negotiation skills in order to convince each other according to their handouts (parent or teenager). Students will come up with a creative solution to their case, hopefully both sides will come to an agreement which will be a win-win situation.


Lead-in / Preparation

Students will be divided into pairs, one student will be the parent, one student will be the teenager. Each student will receive a reading with the case (parent or teenager).


Estimated Class-Time Required

The teacher should allocate two following lessons for the activity.


Description of Activities

The teacher runs the activity.

  • 10 minutes for dividing the class into pairs.
  • 10 minutes handing out the readings to each pair.
  • 30 minutes for each pair to negotiate according to the reading.
  • 40 minutes for pairs to present in class their dilemmas, difficulties in the negotiation and the solution they came up with.

Parent Handout

Your teenager has a drivers’ license for 6 months and now they can drive the car without your escort. He / she has waited a long time for this moment and wants to take the car and drive to school alone. You do not understand why they need to drive when they can walk to school. Just like they did for the past few years.


Teenager Handout

The moment you have finally waited for is here, you can drive a car without your parents’ escort! You want to drive the car to school alone, but your parents do not understand why you need to drive when you can walk to school. You need to convince your parents why you want to drive to school.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases
I think that, in my opinion, win-win situation, options, alternatives, compromise.



The teacher who runs the activity will know if the students achieved the learning goal in the final step when students will present their solutions to the problem. By reaching a solution using the negotiation skill means the students achieved the purpose of the activity.


Students can reflect on the activity by writing a paragraph about how they felt when they just received the negotiation reading and how they felt after the activity when they were supposed to reach a solution.



Be prepared to walk around the classroom during the activity, answer students’ questions, explain the idea of the activity and the final goal.

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