Booking a Hotel Room

Ahlam Samara - 2018-2019 NET Fellowship
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Booking a Hotel Room

Created by

Ahlam Samara


Brief Description

This learning activity allows the students to practice negotiation skills by carrying out a role plays in pairs. Moreover, expressing their opinions about places and hotels.


Learning Objectives

  • Enable students to practice their negotiating skills
  • Enable them to practice English speaking skill
  • Enable to use new vocabulary


Lead-in / Preparation

Before teaching this lesson, the teacher should:

  • Write a list of questions for the game "Would You Rather..?"
  • Print 15 son/daughter cards
  • Print 15 receptionist cards (depends on the number of students)
  • Arrange the classroom (5 groups, 6 students in each)
  • Bring speakers to encourage students to move around the class and speak loudly.


Estimated Class-Time Required

45 minutes


Description of Activities

How does someone run the activity? Describe in detail, step by step. Include any handouts or reference materials necessary. Provide links to videos if relevant. Please credit sources / references if used.


TimeInteractionStage & AimProcedure
7-10 minT-S













Lead in: to engage the students in the context of the lesson.The teacher greets the students and starts with "Would You Rather?" game as a warm up.


After the students choose what they rather they have to explain why to another student.


(WCFB – whole class feedback) the teachers asks some students to share

5-7 minT-S 

Vocabulary: un-block words necessary to understand the task


The teacher posts some vocabulary cards on the board, and asks students to guess their meaning by CCQs (concept checking questions) and pictures.
(i.e – what do we call a person who works in a hotel to answer telephone and deal with clients?)


Pre-activity vocab list:









7-8 min 











The teacher divides the class into five groups; he asks each group to think about the best place/hotel they would book as a surprise for their parents' anniversary, and why.


Students discuss


WCFB – each group shares its ideas

15-20 min

























The teacher gives instructions:

The class will split into two groups, one will act as a daughter/son who wants to book a hotel for her/his parents. And the other group will present a resptionest at a hotel. Read the instructions and discuss in pairs.



Students can move around the classroom


Teacher observes and writes notes

(interesting ideas, language mistakes...)



Students go back to their seats

The teacher asks some students to tell the whole class how the negotiation went


5-6 minT-S







Delayed Error Correction

The teacher writes on the board sententces that the students said which have to be corrected.


Students correct the sentences in pairs


WCFB- whole class feedback



Key Vocabulary / Phrases (if applicable)

Anniversary, book, complain, experience, receptionist, arrive, fancy



The teacher should move around the students while negotiating to make sure they understand the task. In addition, the teacher can prepare a checklist in which students can use to check if they forgot to ask about certain things.



After each activity the teacher will do a whole class feedback, in which students can share what they did and reflect on the activity, also what the have learned from it.



While students are interacting, and working on their tasks, teachers should be active, move around them to make sure they are on task. In addition, they can carry a smaal para in which they can write mistakes students do or intresting idea that they can discuess them latter with the class.

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