Beth and the Class Party

Sarit Katinka & Rebecca Nessim - 2018-2019 NET Fellowship
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Beth and the Class Party

Createdy by

Rivkah Nessim and Sarit Katinka


Brief Description

In pairs students are given two sides of a conflict scenario. Each student does not know what they other student has. They are asked to read and internalize the one they are given, and then to conduct a negotiation with the other party and reach an agreement or solution.


Learning Objectives

  • Negotiation – to come to an agreement regarding type, governance, population, laws etc.
  • Interests vs Positions – to identity the interests and positions represented by the other person
  • Problem solving – how to solve a problem together


Lead-in / Preparation

Each student is given a scenario, which he or she is asked to read but not to show to the other person.  They are told to create a role play and within the role play to come to a solution of the issue.  Only do-able, realistic solutions are acceptable.


Estimated Class-Time Required   

45 minutes (1 class hour)


Description of Activity

Student A:

Beth is a very responsible 15 year old who spends a lot of time helping her working mother by babysitting for her younger sisters and making supper in the evenings.  Her mother is very protective of her and like to know where she is at all times, even buying her an expensive iPhone so that she will always be in touch with her; and Beth feels she is over protective and expects too much of her.  Beth is shy but she has a few friends, however she feels that her social life suffers because of her home responsibilities.  Now she has been invited to an end of semester party at the home of one of her popular classmates.  Beth is really excited and wants to go.  All of her friends are going to be there, and also all the most popular peer group members.  But she has to have her mother’s approval for going to that party, and she knows it may be a problem since there will be no adult supervision.


Student B:

Penelope is a single mom who works very hard to provide for her three daughters.  She depends a great deal on her eldest daughter, Beth, who is responsible and dependable.  She is a social worker, and well aware of the dangers facing young people today, and therefore she is cautious and tries as much as possible to protect her from danger. Penelope is  glad that her daughter has friends, and she likes her social interactions.  But she wants to know that in case of a problem there will be an adult to watch out and provide help and accountability.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases

Interests, positions



Following the discussion in the role play, the facilitator will bring the entire class together to discuss what issues were raised, and what possible solutions were found.  The group will discuss the importance of listening to each other, asking each other questions to find out what the positions and interests are.

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