An Auction about “the woods/nature”

Luma Matanis - 2018-2019 NET Fellowship
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An Auction about "the woods/nature"

Created by

Luma Matanis


Brief Description

Students are divided into two groups or three. Each group comprises 5-15 students who receive fake money (from 5 shekels- 100). The students will hear statements about nature, woods etc… which might be true or false.

The homeroom teacher will read these statements aloud, and the students must negotiate regarding the genuineness of them. Then, they will have to reach a unanimous decision whether to bid on a statement or not, hence, determine the amount of money they would bid on the "so to be true" statement.

Students are not required to announce a "true" or "false" statement, but merely to bid on it. Thereafter, students pay the money they have bid, and receive a nameplate of the utterance which they are not entirely sure about its validity.


Learning Objectives

The following skills are to be acquired by students parallel to the two main concepts of "auction" and "bid".

  • Teamwork
  • Negotiation skills
  • Collaboration
  • Acquiring social skills
  • Patience- students are to be patient with each other
  • Respecting each other, and each other's opinion.
  • Preserving nature


Lead-in / Preparation

  • Cards of which statements about nature had been printed on them.
  • Fake money which they will use during the auction.


Estimated Class-Time Required

One hour


Description of Activities

The teacher will exclaim a certain utterance or saying about nature of which the three groups of students must negotiate about its certainty, then bid a price if they believe it is true. The aim of the activity is to collect as many "statements" as possible after they have bid on them. In addition, this first part of the activity is followed by another one in which the teacher declares which statements are actually true and which are not.

One of these utterances proclaims the following:

“The Nature/Woods Law: is to declare that all woods or natural fields are "Natural Reserves". This law was legislated a few months after the country's statehood, and is considered the basic rule to preserve nature, till this day.” 

This is a false statement, which only at the end of the activity the "true" one will be declared.


Key Vocabulary / Phrases (if applicable)

Negotiation/ teamwork/ bidding



The teacher will wrap up the activity by running a thorough discussion which mainly integrates the students. He/ she will give students the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts, and give any feedback they think is vital. This would undoubtedly let the teacher know if students have achieved the learning goals or not.



The students can give feedback, express their opinions and share some thoughts. Listening to one another, and discussing certain aspects of the activity will certainly consolidate and enhance their learnings.

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