Asynchronous Pre-Work for December 17-18, 2017 Workshop

Please review the agenda for December 17 – 18 and complete the activities below.
Submit the form at the bottom of this page by December 14.


December 17-18, 2017

Purposes: to learn key communication and mediation skills
and to prepare to deliver student workshops at the Leadership Launch Day on December 21, 2017.



Time to complete: Up to 3 hours

1. Wire Cutters

Please watch the video below and respond to the questions in the form at the end of the page.


2. Pass the Butter

Please watch the video below and respond to the questions in the form at the end of the page.


3. Personal Conflict Resolution / Problem-Solving Stories

  • Think of a conflict or problem that you helped deal with constructively – whether your own, a friend’s, a family member’s, a colleague’s, etc…
  • Be prepared to present the scenario, describing the context and parties involved, and how things ultimately got constructively resolved and the problem solved.


4. Personal Negotiation Case for Role Reversal Exercise

To prepare for the Role Reversal Exercise, select your own negotiation case using the following guidelines:

a. A Real Case. The negotiation case that you select should not be fictitious. It should be a case that you are personally involved in. You will be asked to share the details of your case with only one person, not the entire Working Group.

b. An Unresolved Case That is Difficult for You. The case you select should be an unresolved negotiation (either current, or upcoming) that you feel is particularly difficult and challenging for you. In short, pick a negotiation that is non-trivial: one that engages your doubts and fears about your own competence. The more difficult the case you choose, the more you will tend to get out of the exercise.

c. Two-Party, Not Multi-Party. Your negotiation case should involve only one other person directly (in other words, you should not select a negotiation in which you are negotiating simultaneously with more than one person).

d. Any Context is Fine. Make your selection from any context you wish (e.g., professional, family, romantic, etc.).

Note: This is not a writing assignment. In general, selecting a case should probably take no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

5. The Third Side (3S)

Watch the following video on The Third Side:

Please review the 3S roles described on The Third Side website.

Consider the following questions and be prepared to share during the Dec 17-18 workshop:

  • Which of the 3S roles are you most comfortable taking on? Why?
  • Which of the 3S roles are you least comfortable taking on or avoid? Why?


6. Student Projects

Please share with us highlights of a few of your students’ projects. Come to the workshop prepared to discuss them, to the best of your current knowledge.


7. The Power of Outsiders

Please watch the following video and respond to the questions in the form at the end of the page.


8. General reflection

  • What do you hope to gain from this workshop?
  • What are your key hopes and concerns in working on student projects?


Asynchronous Pre-Work Form (Required)

Due by Thursday, December 14

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you December 17th!

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